Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tandem Kayaking For a Happening Family Vacation

Consider Going Tandem Kayaking For a Happening Family Vacation

Any adventure without friends and family is worthless. Aquatic thrill is what grabs the attention of not only youngsters but also the mid-aged men and women. With tandem kayak, you get a chance to spend your adventurous holiday with family and make the moment memorable for lifetime for your spouse and your kids. When you spend on your vacation, you want the best from it. Kayaking will surely be the best adventure you ever had with family before.  Welcome this DOUBLE fun by opting for tandem kayaking with your kid, spouse or friend whoever is accompanying you on your vacation.

Tandem kayak offers paddling chance to both the individuals riding the boat. However, if one of the partners doesn’t know how to paddle, it would not affect their journey. The one who knows paddling the kayak will conveniently take the other one to the destination. However, if both the paddlers are skilled to paddle the tandem kayak, it leads to quick travel. If both of the paddle with the same pace, the time taken for reaching the destination would be much less that what would have been taken by the single kayak with single paddling. 

Good communication and coordination, however, is necessary between the paddlers in a tandem kayak so that the one sitting in the bow could inform the other paddler about the hurdles on the way and avoid accidents. The tandem kayaks have a rudder that directs the kayak towards the heading way and thereby make small corrections in the course. Turning the tandem might be tough, mainly if its length is more. However, the best way in which the tandem kayak could be turned is the coordinated working of the paddlers. The paddler sitting in front sweeps on one side in a forward direction and the other paddler gives a reverse sweep on the opposite side. This is how the tandem kayak is turned in a desirable direction.

Solo kayaking is refreshing, but you will hardly enjoy the water trip alone when you are there with your family. Tandem kayaking is the most thrilling family experience. The sit-on-top tandem kayaks are preferred when you are with your family. The main reason behind it is the balanced stability that they provide. Your kids will play in water with the tandem kayak ultimately converting the scene into driving an aircraft in the sky. What more will you ever expect from your vacation than seeing a huge smile on your children’s face.

Stability, efficiency, high performance, cheap cost, terrific experience – everything you get at a time when you opt for tandem kayaking on your family holiday. In fact, after paddling during your vacations, when you go back to your place, you will find major weight loss in yourself as paddling will burn most of your calories. If you think that your wife would not allow you to go for kayaking in the sea, tell her about this weight loss technique and she will immediately say a YES. 

You can try it, they aren't all that expensive in reality.

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