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Tandem Kayaks - The Best Thing For Beginners AND Experts

Tandem Kayaks Can Be Amazing Tools For Beginners

Learning requires lots of concentration. But even if you concentrate completely, you won’t be able to grasp the lessons if the teaching interface or infrastructure is not accordingly set. Practical sessions provide best knowledge. This is not only applicable in case of your study, but the same applies to other types of training as well. Doing adventurous things is a passion for many, but being unskilled restricts many of the passionate adventurers from performing such acts. Kayaking is one of the water activities that most of the adventure lovers choose for fun and entertainment. However, in spite of having a desire for kayak, some individuals drop the idea because of their inability to ride it.

For the ones who are up to getting trained in kayaking, tandem kayak is the best option. The design of this type of kayak is such that the novice would not find it difficult to sit on it and try to play with the water. With the help of tandem kayak, learning becomes quite easier for the beginners as they get to follow their trainers well. Tandem kayaks are quite cheap and offer great durability. People use to buy them for their water adventure from time to time or else take them on lease. You can either choose sit-on-top or it-in recreational or tandem sea kayaks as per your needs and requirements.

So far as the nature of activity is concerned, a tandem kayak is suitable for you for almost all kinds of boat rides. You can either take it on a peaceful pond or even rough seas. This shows how in diverse ways tandem kayaks can be used. Though you can use it in ponds, lakes, rivers and seas, you must choose the waterway which you think will be suitable for you as a beginner. Being comfortable with the speed of flow of water is something very important in order to decide which one to choose for a tandem kayak ride. Know your level of expertise and then make your decision.

As already discussed above, you get sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks with special features allowing three people to sit at a time. For beginners, having support from two more boaters is a great thing. Sit-on top kayaks are, however, preferred by the novice kayakers, which plays an important role in removing the sense of fear from the individuals. Your body size or say the size of the kayak is also a vital factor. Tandem kayaks come in various sizes and are meant for different water activities. Paddles of different sizes are available for the beginners for tandem kayaking, which you can select based on the type of waterway you choose, length of it, etc.

Tandem kayaking is not only for fun but it is also a beneficial exercise. Paddling lowers the calorie level thereby helping the individuals get rid of several severe diseases. Apart from these benefits, kayaks offer several safety tools in order to avoid any kind of accident while having the ride. So opt for safe tandem kayaking and get prepared for solo boat ride with efficiency.

Questions to Answer While Choosing The Best Tandem Kayak

Some Important Questions to Answer While Choosing The Best Tandem Kayak

When it comes to adventure, there are lots of acts that offer a thrilling experience. One of them is kayaking. Choosing a waterway and enjoying being surrounded by water all the side is really a unique experience. There are various types of kayaks that are available in the market. Some people prefer renting them, while few of them buy them in order to avoid taking kayaks on lease every time they play their water journey. Well there are several questions, the answers of which need to be clear in your mind regarding your choice of solo or tandem kayak.

However, before answering any of the questions, you should decide which kayak you should opt for in order to start your aquatic act – whether solo/single kayak or tandem boat. If you are alone, single boat will suit you, but if you are with a friend or your spouse, you can have a tandem kayak. Most of the times, it has been found that people choose such activities during their vacations. Holiday means friends, family, kids and pets (if you have any). Tandem kayak helps you to paddle the boat with anyone you are with. To choose the best tandem kayak, you need to answer the following questions:
  • Which type of tandem kayaking you prefer? When it comes to waterways, you will get wide variations. A route through water can be via a peaceful pond, a lake, long and twisty rivers and rough seas with high waves. The activities you opt and the water way you choose will determine your tandem kayak choice. Whether you like whitewater kayaking, surf kayaking, recreational kayaking, kayak tour, sea kayaking, etc. is the factor to be considered as far as choosing the best tandem kayak is concerned.
  • What material should the tandem kayak be made of? Different materials have different specialties. Thus, choosing a tandem kayak made of materials that would support your activity is really important. Most popular are the kayaks made of plastic as they are cheaper, durable and heavier than their other counterparts like – kayaks made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, wood, Kevlar, etc.
  • What should be the size of the tandem kayak? Whichever kayak you may choose, what is important is being comfortable. If you buy or rent a kayak that is narrower, but your body size is large with long legs, it is obvious that you will be uncomfortable. And if you are not comfortable, you would not be able to enjoy the boat ride.
  • Which are the things that need to be carried with tandem kayaks? Only taking the boats with you will hardly help. In fact, you should take other necessary things with you like – storage compartments, fishing rod holders, bungie deck rigging, and other kayak equipment. Along with these equipment and devices, you should also take safety tools like helmets, belts, etc.

Once you answer the above-mentioned questions, you will get the best varieties in the category concerned. Don’t delay, just answer these questions and get the best tandem kayak.

Tandem Kayaking For a Happening Family Vacation

Consider Going Tandem Kayaking For a Happening Family Vacation

Any adventure without friends and family is worthless. Aquatic thrill is what grabs the attention of not only youngsters but also the mid-aged men and women. With tandem kayak, you get a chance to spend your adventurous holiday with family and make the moment memorable for lifetime for your spouse and your kids. When you spend on your vacation, you want the best from it. Kayaking will surely be the best adventure you ever had with family before.  Welcome this DOUBLE fun by opting for tandem kayaking with your kid, spouse or friend whoever is accompanying you on your vacation.

Tandem kayak offers paddling chance to both the individuals riding the boat. However, if one of the partners doesn’t know how to paddle, it would not affect their journey. The one who knows paddling the kayak will conveniently take the other one to the destination. However, if both the paddlers are skilled to paddle the tandem kayak, it leads to quick travel. If both of the paddle with the same pace, the time taken for reaching the destination would be much less that what would have been taken by the single kayak with single paddling. 

Good communication and coordination, however, is necessary between the paddlers in a tandem kayak so that the one sitting in the bow could inform the other paddler about the hurdles on the way and avoid accidents. The tandem kayaks have a rudder that directs the kayak towards the heading way and thereby make small corrections in the course. Turning the tandem might be tough, mainly if its length is more. However, the best way in which the tandem kayak could be turned is the coordinated working of the paddlers. The paddler sitting in front sweeps on one side in a forward direction and the other paddler gives a reverse sweep on the opposite side. This is how the tandem kayak is turned in a desirable direction.

Solo kayaking is refreshing, but you will hardly enjoy the water trip alone when you are there with your family. Tandem kayaking is the most thrilling family experience. The sit-on-top tandem kayaks are preferred when you are with your family. The main reason behind it is the balanced stability that they provide. Your kids will play in water with the tandem kayak ultimately converting the scene into driving an aircraft in the sky. What more will you ever expect from your vacation than seeing a huge smile on your children’s face.

Stability, efficiency, high performance, cheap cost, terrific experience – everything you get at a time when you opt for tandem kayaking on your family holiday. In fact, after paddling during your vacations, when you go back to your place, you will find major weight loss in yourself as paddling will burn most of your calories. If you think that your wife would not allow you to go for kayaking in the sea, tell her about this weight loss technique and she will immediately say a YES. 

You can try it, they aren't all that expensive in reality.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

My first ever kayak trip

Let me tell you about my first ever kayak trip.

Because many many years ago, and my friend was having his birthday party. We were out in the country near a river and then I spotted a little cottage a few hundred meters away. The party was starting in a few hours so I decided to go check out the house by the river.

To my surprise, it turned out to be a kayak rental. Since we had a few hours to go, I decided to give it to try. The manager gave me a life vest, a paddle and just told me to go grab a kayak off the bridge.

I strapped on my vest and decided to go give it a try. I jumped in the kayak and started paddling hysterically, up the river. The river turned me around and my journey began..

I kind of panicked and there was nothing I could do about it. 10 minutes later I got to the checkpoint and owner greeted me.

The next morning I got proper training and that's where my love for kayaks started.

Ever since that I've gone kayaking as often as I could and now have over three kayaks. One regular and two tandem kayaks :)

Let me know if you've ever been kayaking and how your first time went.


Welcome to MyKayakWorld

Hello and welcome to MyKayakWorld!

My name is Chuck & I am 39 years old. I have a lot of different hobbies and one of them is kayaking, which is why I have created this little blog of mine.

I have enjoyed kayaking for several years now, I try to go kayaking every weekend if by any means possible. A few years back I used to go kayaking alone, but it wasn't nearly enough fun. My girlfriend didn't think she could handle a kayak on our own, so we decided to purchase a tandem kayak instead.

This soon became a great passion of mine and I've made it my duty to let other people know about tandem kayaks. On this blog I will be talking about them a little bit and sharing my experiences with it.

I hope that you find some interesting information on my blog and become a regular reader. Stay tuned for new posts.